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Legal Stuff

By Becoming a member of this site, you agree to the following:

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Please note:


In office, your information is ALWAYS HIPAA protected. Dr. Glo will never share ANY of your information on social media, website, or other platforms that are not HIPAA approved or without your permission to do so.


This site is not associated with office information use. As a member of the site, you are agreeing to release the information that you choose to post to the members of this site and its visitors. The forum, comments, ect. that you personally post on this platform are not HIPAA related or protected as this operates as a social media platform. You agree Dr. Gloria Arras and HiFive Health and Chiropractic is not liable for any of the information that you share. This includes, but is not limited to, forums, comments, and the members page, which displays the name that you input into your registration. 

Additionally, by accepting membership you are stating that you understand that nothing on this site should be used as medical or health care advice without consulting a physician that knows you personally. Anytime you change something about your health (medications, supplements, diet, etc.) you should always talk to your doctor face-to-face to determine if this is a good option for you. 

Code of Conduct


1. This site is meant to be a safe place for everyone. Any posts, comments, pictures or content that exhibit negative or inappropriate behavior will be deleted and the user will immediately lose all access to member pages and posting rights from that point forward.

2. Any acts of plagiarism will not be tolerated. If you are using content that does not belong to you, please ensure that you are properly siting the resource and giving credit to the creators of that content. Reports of plagiarism will taken seriously and users will lose privileges to members only content.

3. The content posts by members is not approved prior to posting, therefore, by becoming a member are you agree to and understand that Dr. Glo, HiFive Health, HiFive Health and Chiropractic are not liable for any of the content posted by members. 

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