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So...This Is Different

There is no question about it- this is not your typical website for a practice. There are some things that may seem a little, well, extra. Let me explain.

I wanted it to be different. This is 100% intentional. My family has an ongoing joke about how we like things to be different- but it's true. For the majority of this year and all through chiropractic college I had no idea what that looked like.

Then I got the best piece of business advice from a doc I look up to. He said "If I could give you one piece of advice, I would say don't try to do things like everyone else. It's obviously not working".

Now when I first read this, I have to admit, I rolled my eyes. I just thought, "well duh". Truthfully, I didn't think anything more of it for weeks. Then one day when I was making a marketing plan it popped into my head again. I noticed was literally doing exactly what everyone else was doing - and expecting it to yield a different result. The definition of insanity.

I knew I didn't want to be like a standard office. I didn't even really want to do exactly what he was doing. I wanted to be different- something that actually works for the patients. I needed something new. Then it hit me: I want a practice that feels inspiring; one that makes health feel obtainable. That seems broad - I know. Hear me out though.

If that is how I want my practice to feel, I have to actually do something that makes it feel that way- obviously. Well, research shows the best way for someone to obtain what they are looking to achieve is when they have an emotional investment in it. For me, that means creating a space that feels safe, honest, and open. Honesty is where real growth comes from and that is what I desperately want for people. People need to feel comfortable enough to trust me and no one will trust someone they don't know.

When I go to a doctors office, I feel like they are just this detached figure. That isn't to say anything bad about my doctors! They're wonderful- but that is how society paints that picture. I think that is extremely harmful for the wellbeing of the patients. Then I got to thinking maybe this is why doctors get lied to so much. It's not that the patient wants to but how can we blame you? I don't tell people I don't know or trust uncomfortable information either!

My generation and those that follow are, well, different. The old rules of professionalism simply are not helping them and I've had enough of that. So here is my new approach. It's open. It's honest. It puts the patient in control.

So if you want to know health tips I use personally; here they are.

If you're looking for a personal piece on emotional growth and mental health. You got it.

Interested in what I'm wearing or things I like- it's all here.

If you don't care about any of that and just want to come for an adjustment, exercise, or nutrition advice- that's fine too!

But some people need that openness to feel safe and get results so now you, the patient, at least gets to control that. This may work. It may flop. Either way- something needs to change and we've got to figure it out. So even if this isn't it- this is my starting point.

Have a beautiful day,

Dr. Glo

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